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“Athithi devo bhava” is the defining philosophy and literally means, “a Guest is to be served as God.”

We imbibe this philosophy broadly, believing that “all are essentially divine” and our relationships with each other and especially our guests should reflect this.

Guests at this resort are lovingly served with unparalleled personalized attention by a staff that practices yoga and endeavors to embody this philosophy.

The staff is encouraged to serve guests as part of their spiritual discipline and not just as a job or career; serving is different from being servile because the focus is on connecting with the divinity inherent in each guest.

Yoga Processes

Pranayama Yoga


“Prana” means breath, life, vitality or energy and “ayama” means to stretch or to expand. “Pranayama” are breathing techniques that enable us to prolong and control the breath and to regulate the flow of prana in the body. When correct breathing techniques have been established, the inhalation (puraka) stimulates the body, exhalation (rechaka) eliminates toxins and retention (kumbhaka) distributes the prana through the body.The student will learn to practice the proper rhythmic patterns of slow deep breathing, which will strengthen the respiratory system, sooth the nervous system and reduce desires, allowing the mind to be still.



Pratyahara Yoga


This refers to the withdrawal of the senses. Humans are constantly led by their desires and are focused on the external world. Different methods are introduced and practiced (sound meditation, walking meditation, chakra meditation, yoga nidra) to help the student look inwards and not be pulled by the senses towards the outside world. When this happens one experiences a sense of calm and one can treat triumph and disaster with equanimity.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra
This is an advanced practice of pratyahara , where the student is guided into a deep relaxation or conscious deep sleep. It is referred to as yogic sleep and helps to eliminate stress in the physical body whilst preparing one for subtler spiritual exploration.



Yoga Chants


Sacred Chants (Science of Sound)

Mantra Chanting is one of the most effective ways to stimulate personal transformation. Loud chanting of Mantras creates sound vibrations that can purify negative emotions such as fear, anger, and jealousy, leaving positive emotions such as love, peace and happiness. On a physical plane, chanting has a soothing effect on our nervous system, helps relax muscles, and is an antidote for stress and depression.




Yoga Group Discussion



Yoga Discussion

Guests are always welcome to question and discuss different aspects of yoga with our instructors who can give them a detailed background and scientific rationale behind each aspect of the Yoga practice. This resort aims to give  guests a deep knowledge of Yoga to allow you to understand the physical and therapeutic benefits as well as the emotional and spiritual impact of the practice. These interactions can be scheduled at a time convenient to the guest and teacher.









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Absolute Yoga... 
  for the true journey within.


This yoga retreat package is created for guests who would like to delve deeper into the ancient spiritual tradition of Yoga.

The Yoga Retreat packages are carefully structured to allow you to experience not just the physical aspects of Yoga (asanas) but also various Pranayama, Yogic Kriyas, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Sound meditation and Chakrashuddhi (chakra meditation) and Trataka (candle meditation).

Added to this are some rejuvenating massages and the chance to practice Karma Yoga (selfless work) by serving a meal to the children of the local orphanage.




About the Resort

This tropical haven is dedicated to promoting the authentic spiritual tradition of Yoga in a holistic manner and is recognized as one of the finest Yoga retreats in the world.

Yoga is taught in traditional ashram style (daily yoga, meditation sessions, chanting classes, a strict vegetarian, no alcohol policy and community service), as a guest here you have the pleasure of  living in a luxurious environment normally associated with a star hotel. Guests are enabled to integrate the manifold facets and benefits of Yoga into their daily lives without the austerity and rigor usually associated with ashrams.

As a result, you reside in a private, tranquil haven to pamper, nourish, detoxify and recharge yourself; and if you have desire, here you will have guides who can provide a road map to guide you down a spiritual path of self-discovery.

Every aspect of this resort is dedicated to this purpose:

* Yoga Sessions to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.
* Meditation sessions and other yogic practices to calm the mind.
* Spa treatments to rejuvenate the body and remove toxins.
* Nourishing, organic vegetarian food to detoxify and heal the body.
* An environment and accommodations, which allow the guest to benefit from the positive energy of nature.
* Community service to experience the joy of giving.
* Discussions on yoga philosophy and scriptures.


Situated just one hours drive from the Bangalore International Airport, the property is a sprawling oasis of green. With only 12 different accommodations spread over 25 acres of landscaped greenery, water bodies and organic gardens you as a guest is  able to commune with nature and benefit from its healing power.

A seamless blend of the modern and the timeless, luxury and simplicity, indulgence and enlightenment. The private, serene and “simply” luxurious accommodation has been structured to make you feel like you are living in the middle of nature. The architecture and interiors are a confluence of traditional and the modern – tiled roofs, antique doorways and stone pillars give way to contemporary interiors and state of the art facilities.




Your cottage is large, simple but elegantly designed; open your door and step out to an infinity pool surrounded by flowering frangipani trees, a Jacuzzi and the central courtyard of the resort.



The open, spacious yoga and meditation hall is surrounded by trees and greenery; it has been built for you to feel one with nature as you practice yoga and meditation. With trees and greenery surrounding you, the sound of birds to accompany your breath, flowers to fix your gaze or “dristi” upon and the sun to warm your face as you lie down in “savasana” – this hall brings positive energy to the yoga class. Practicing yoga or meditation in this space is sure to enhance your practice and take it to deeper levels.


It is often difficult to forget the outside world and to completely relax, even when one is on holiday. We want you to experience peace from the moment you enter the gates of this resort center. By silencing the chaotic noise of the outside world, you are able to look inwards and hear and connect to your inner voice.

The resort had created quiet places across the 25 acres of greenery for guests to commune with nature and spend time in quiet contemplation.

The two machans, tucked away in the organic garden are ideal places to connect with nature, to relax with a good book or take some time to stop and meditate.

The Meditation machan is surrounded by coconut and chickoo trees and is the perfect for the daily sound and chanting classes. The birds love the chickoo trees and their beautiful song is often the accompaniment to our chanting and the focus of group  meditation.





Package Details

7 Nights Recommended


from $2970 pp

Solo Rate + $950


50% at time of Booking


* Accommodation in a Garden / Poolside Cottage.  Upgrades available.

* Round-trip Airport transfers

* Wellness consultation on arrival

* Gourmet vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) served in the dining area.

* Twice daily group yoga classes

* Daily group chanting / sound meditation class

* Use of all recreational facilities –Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Steam, Gym, Cricket nets,
library and opportunity to watch one movie per day in Home theatre along with other guests.

* 5 Personalized Yoga Instructional sessions

* Personalized Pranayama sessions

* Personalized Meditation sessions

* Personalized Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) session

* Personalized Trataka / Chakrashuddhi session per cottage

* Personalised yogic kriyas – Jala neti, Vaman Dhauti

Rejuvenation Massages per person
(Balinese / Swedish / Thai / Aromatherapy / Abhyanga)

* Cooking sessions on Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine

* Cooking sessions on Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine

* Session on introduction to Naturopathy and wellbeing

* Session on integrating yoga in to daily life

* Community Exercise that involves Farming, Cooking and feeding group of children at nearby Village Schools / Orphanage.

* Nature based exercises

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life that purifies our body by eliminating toxins. Not only do ayurvedic processes build immunity but they also promote health. At Shreyas these processes are administered after a detailed consultation with the resident Ayurvedic doctor, who recommends the suitable combination after an in depth assessment the body’s constitution. The proposed set of processes not only eliminate toxins but also enhance your self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity and lead to deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.



Integrated Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation complimented by the spiritual way of life, provides you with an authentic and unique wellness vacation.

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