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Our Philosophy: Inspired Mindfulness

Planning a perfect trip takes requires knowledge, experience, time, and a mindset embraced in Wellness. It is my honor to offer you just that...a Mindful approach to Travel from myself, our global partners, preferred partners, and staff.   

Wellness Travel planning is all about You!

We take the time to design a trip that is all about you, and all for you.  What you get is a completely authentic bespoke travel company that provides you with authentic cultural immersions and wellness programs into your travel experiences such as: superb spa treatments, healthy cooking, spiritual development, women's adventures, sophisticated romance, wildlife and adventure off the beaten path, and yoga or meditation. 

Our purpose is to create something completely unique for you, to a destination of your choice, with a level of service that guarantees that you will return from your vacation rejuvenated, inspired, aware of balance, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Why Choose LUX World Travel?

Because of our special niche, we work on a very personal level with our clients. Our clients depend on our knowledge and the deep connections we share with our global network of partners.  

We are here to serve you because more than likely you are searching this site because you need to unplug in a unique way.  This website offers you sample itineraries along with resort details, and some destination details...but these featured journeys  serve only as a springboard of  ideas. 

Customized Wellness Planning

Realize that any vacation featured on this site can be  customized to fit your specific travel preferences.  But we specialize in preparing one-of-a-kind travel experiences for our clients based on their interests and preferred level of accommodations.    

We pride ourselves in going a step further than the rest to make sure your trip is memorable for all the right reasons. The planning process should be the start of a fantastic holiday, not the reason you’re going to need one, so we are delighted to offer a host of little extras to make your trip the ultimate journey into Wellness. 


Yoga Vacations

Yoga Vacations offer you everything from spa vacations and yoga retreats, healing retreats, meditation or celebration retreats, to month long healing programs in India and around the world, or quick getaway weekend retreats.

Healing Spa Vacations

Planning a wellness or healing vacation is detailed and personal. We take time to get to know you, on all levels of mind, body and spirit, to be sure that your experience will absolutely rejuvenate you, and restore your balance. 

Cultural Immersion

We customize private small groups, and often run our own tours.  Each trip offers a journey off the beaten path since we work with local people and communities, which provides our travelers with real hands-on experiences.  

Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Vacations, and Faith Tours are in high demand for today's travelers.  As more people practice wellness, and our world becomes smaller, savvy travelers are searching for in-depth authentic experiences. 


Women's Wellness Vacations

Women's wellness travel is our specialty!  From solo vacations, to Girlfriend Getaways, Mother-Daughter vacations, and customized retreats.  Women are constant nurturers...it's time to allow yourself a little pampering. 

Wildlife and Adventure

What will your next big adventure be?  Our world is one to explore!  See our unique selection of safaris, diving or snorkeling vacations, and hiking destinations.  All of our  wildlife vacations are eco-friendly.