Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, based on the concept that individual wellness rests on a delicate balance between three elements, or ‘Tridoshas’. 

Upon arrival, your Ayurvedic doctor will customize a program based upon a thorough initial consultation, which can include a detox, body treatments, a special diet, private yoga, meditation and body detox healing treatments known as panchakarma.

Program Inclusions

Accommodation of choice

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Return airport transfers

Participation daily schedule of classes or workshops

Complimentary use of steam, sauna and pool 

Services of a Personal Assistant

Additional Inclusions of this 7 Night Ayurvedic Program:

Two wellness consultations 

Seven Ayurvedic treatments

Three 60-minute private yoga lessons 

VIP airport assistance on arrival 

Recommended for couples or mother-daughter Vacations!

Can be customized for groups, and girlfriend getaways. 

7 night packages from $5259 pp, based on shared accommodations

Solo Rate +  $1670




State-of-the-Art Healing through Ancient Wisdom

Your healing therapies at this resort are delivered by expert staff who are trained in specific modalities, from Ayurveda to hydrotherapy. Many of the treatments are Asian-inspired, paired with cutting-edge advances in holistic health care.

In addition to your comprehensive treatments, activities and healthful meal plan, you also discover adventure and the spiritual cultural part of the holistic healing approach. You will find that the many activities available during your stay will work in tandem with the comprehensive plan devised for your own personal goals.

Customized packages are available for three, five, or seven-night stays. Your program is designed to deliver simple, well-priced combinations of meals, treatments and activities, which will include all of your private consultations and training. Priority reservations for complimentary daily schedule of activity and spa treatments will be given to guests on customized Wellness Programs.

Great vacation for couples or even a girlfriend getaway since two people sharing accommodations can select preferred wellness program based on their own needs.



The property's residential approach immerses you in a positive, holistic and healing experience from the moment of arrival.

All of the individual rooms and suites at the resort sit within one of the freestanding Residences. Each room is different, but has access to its Residence's pools, and offers spacious living.  Private estates and villas are also available for groups or families. 


Culture and Adventure

Located close to Bali's cultural district of Ubud, you will discover Bali’s rich Hindu culture, its landscape, people, flora, fauna and peaceful spirit. 

We can arrange shopping trips, festivals visits, allowing you to explore by foot, bike or 4WD. Explore Ubud's temples, galleries and artists’ ateliers with private guides. Active adventures, designed to increase fitness, include mountain biking, whitewater rafting, guided walks and treks through the wildest regions of Bali's hills.



Enhance your Yoga!

Yoga trains the body, soothes the mind and opens up a person’s spiritual awareness beyond perceived limitations. The resort offers one-on-one sessions as well as complimentary daily classes.  


The resort offersHatha Yoga, a practice which combines asanas (postures), better breathing and meditation.   


Water Healing and Blessing

In the emerald green gardens of the resort, you will find The Source, an ancient spring of rejuvenating holy water just footsteps from the Ayung River. 

Dressed in traditional Balinese attire, you will be guided through chanting and offerings by a local priest. Using water from The Source, you will wash beside a statue of the god Ganesha, allowing the minerals to soak into your skin. 

While chanting, the priest will splash each participant three times with holy water. With this, you will be considered new — clean in mind and soul.


Holy Water Purification Experience

Take part in an authentic Balinese spiritual experience at the water temple of Tirta Empul. The 10th-century temple plays a key role in Balinese mythology and religious history. 

After making offerings under the ancient banyan tree that shades the outer temple you will enter the inner courtyard, where your guide will lead you through a series of cleansing processes in several of the 30 water sources. 

Each water source has its own meaning and purpose, ranging from protection against nightmares to clearing one’s chakras. Be prepared to spend half an hour or more in the holy waters. 

After visiting the fountains you take part in a final prayer, led by a priest, in the innermost temple. From here you can see the spring water welling up from the ground, stirring the dark volcanic soils of the island.


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