Put your daily grind to rest, and renew your Spirit at this exclusive oceanfront boutique hotel and yoga retreat center.  Located ion a quiet, serene beach in Troncones, off the Pacific Coast of  Mexico, you will restore in a gorgeous setting with wellness classes, yoga by the sea, meditation, Qigong, dance classes and more. 


The Yoga




The co-owner and on-sight Yogi, CJ teaches an Ashtanga Vinyasa flow style of yoga that integrates interdisciplinary yoga practice, philosophy, pranayama and meditation. Her energy and enthusiasm evokes the essence of yoga as she approaches every class with grace and inner joy. 

CJ also is a gifted dancer, choreographer and national champion gymnast. She has studied with many inspiring teachers including Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Seane Corn, David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Richard Freeman, Cindy Lee, Beryl Bender Birch, Judith Lasater, Larry Schultz, Baron Baptist, John Friend and Rod Stryker. CJ also facilitates 200 hour, Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Trainings each year.

Her Vinyasa yoga style synchronizes movement and breath, and will take you on a journey of rhythmic dance unifying the body, mind and spirit. This flowing sequence of asanas (postures), combined with pranayama (breathing techniques) encourages flexibility, strength, and circulation. You will move through sun salutations, dynamic sequencing of poses, final relaxation and meditation. The yoga classes are specifically designed so that by the end of your retreat you will have learned new postures, strengthened your body, and transformed your current practice. Beginners and advanced students alike will find their senses awakened as they embrace the heart of yoga.

Classical Ashtanga yoga is known as the Eightfold path of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras; the practice of yoga that combines breath control and a flow of sequential postures. The eight ‘limbs’ of Ashtanga are yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. The very essence of yoga pervades every aspect of the Retreat Center's approach to individual positive change, teaching us how to exhibit qualities of a yogi, not only in our practice, but also in our daily lives.





Understanding Pranayama

Pranayama works as the basis for spiritual awakening in yoga. Although this is the supreme aim, Pranayama brings about tremendous benefits along the way, including increased energy, improved perception, and accelerated development of various brain faculties.

What is Pranayama?

To most, Pranayama is control of breath. However, this is an incorrect interpretation. It must be understood that ‘prana’ is an energy or life force that is universal in nature; it is omnipresent. A portion of that prana is also present in the human body. It flows at a deep level to maintain the body and its organs.

The goal of Pranayama is to increase the quantum of this life force (Prana) so that it can reach out to ‘hidden’ recesses of the brain. This helps in expanding the human faculties and combating degeneration.

How does Prana operate?

All the life force or Prana lies as dormant potential energy called the ‘pranashakti’ or ‘kundalini.’ It resides at a center which is found just above the genital area, called the ‘mooladhara chakra’.

According to yoga, this prana flows from the base ‘mooladhara’ center up along the right side of the spinal column into the center, which lies at the top of the spinal column. This center is called the ‘Ajna Chakra.’ The prana also gets distributed to the whole body through a different set of nerve channels so that it reaches every atom of the body.

This is how prana operates in the normal body, and the scope of Pranayama is to extend this influence beyond the physical body.


Drumming, Dance, Meditation

Drumming, Dance, Meditation


Qigong is the cultivation of the vital energy called Qi (chee), the force that animates every living being. Practicing the art of Qigong opens the flow of Qi throughout our bodies helping to keep us balanced, strengthened, fit, healthy, and at peace.

The word Qigong (pronounced ‘chee-gung’) is derived from two Chinese characters. Qi (or Chi) refers to our vital energy, life force, or breath. Sometimes translated as “the vapor of the finest matter,” its character represents the steam that rises from a grain of cooking rice, symbolizing distilled essence. ‘Gong’ means practice or cultivation. Qigong, then, is the cultivation of the vital energy the Chinese call Qi, the force that animates every living being.

Drumming, Dance, Meditation

Drumming, Dance, Meditation

Drumming, Dance, Meditation


Drumming and Dance

Drumming and dance have played similar roles in cultures all over the world: celebration, communication, marking rites of passion, invoking spiritual ecstasy, and promoting healing. 

A drum circle, or rhythm circle, is at its heart a group of people gathered together into a circle for the purpose of making music with percussion instruments. The makeup of this group, along with the instrumentation and the skill of the facilitator, determines the direction that the circle will take.


Begin every day with meditation on the Pavillion, overlooking the morning sea. The human body has an instinctive ability to shift into profound rest states in order to heal, energize, integrate, tune up and assimilate learning. Mediation promotes a heightened awareness of the details of everyday life, turning the “normal” into the magical. 



The Ocean's Eleven

The eleven private bungalows are the perfect antidote to the chaos of everyday life.  All bungalows have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition, and are furnished with a pillow top queen-sized bed, luxurious 400 count cotton bedding and a canopy of white linen.  All cabanas are steps away from the beach, meditation garden, yoga pavilion and dining hall. 


Unplug and Unwind

Enjoy the daily activities at the resort, or choose to do absolutely nothing.  There are plenty of hammocks to sway in while you listen to waves of the rolling sea. 


Simplicity and Solitude

While there is plenty to do...surfing, horseback riding, or going into town for shopping, the natural ambiance of this place invites you to simply Chill.  Sit back, and take it all in. 


A Room with a View

Each of the eleven unique palapa-style bungalows were designed and built by hand using traditional materials. Here you will find relaxation, healing, the sounds of waves and views of the sea. All rooms are arranged for easy access to the pool, beach, and dining.


The Healing Arts

Your Yoga Retreat Center offers a variety of massage spa treatments. The massage rooms are located right on the beach, providing an incredible full sensory experience. Feel the ocean breeze, listen to the rhythmic sound of the sea, and enjoy a variety of different massage modalities performed by the on-site professional therapists.



Beachfront Yoga Inclusions

All of the services and activities included in your Wellness Vacation can be personalized and designed with your goals in mind.  

7 Night Stay in Oceanfront Bungalow

Private Car roundtrip airport transfers

Breakfast and Dinner for seven days 

Morning Meditation

Unlimited Classes

2 Massages

1 Adventure Tour

1 Wellness Counseling Session

All Taxes and Fees

From $2444, based on shared accommodations

SOLO RATE + $730

Call 1-866-269-2659 to Customize this Yoga Vacation


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