Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Spa  - Phuket 

This Thailand Treasure yoga immersion experience provides you with special Wellness Escapes, tailored to your individual requirements, such as slimming, detoxing, relaxing or vitalizing. Daily morning yoga sessions are integrated as part of your luxury healing program.



AyurYoga Programs

The Resort offers a variety of health packages, which can be further individualized on request.  The onsite Ayurveda Doctor will discuss your individual program according to your needs.


A well-being holiday program

Shodhana translates to “purify”, for perfect well-being, a physical, mental and spiritual balance is required. Hence this Ayurveda program aims at all the aspects with a detailed treatments with right ingredients for your Doshas or personality trait and issues.

The Program starts with a detailed consultation followed by therapeutic treatments working from outside and herbal tea and concoctions from inside, relaxing massages pampering the mind, Yoga and meditation nurturing the Soul.

Preparing the body for an ultimate purification is obtained with choice from the “Satvik” Meal where the freshness and energy of the tropical ingredients are consumed every day!


A natural slimming program

Chaitanya is the state of freeness and lightness. This Ayurveda program involves treatments eliminating the tough adhered adipose toxins with the specialized powdered scrub each day with a detox steam.

Utmost care is also taken to account in advising and preparing a light and a wholesome Satvik meal everyday with the right choice of ingredients because we believe “You are what you Eat”.

Physically the challenges are to overcome with good Yoga stretches and breathing exercises.


A joint and bone wellness program

Joints or “Sandhi” are the receivers of the harsh care we give to the body every day. Our body does not care till symptomatic changes occur. Skeletal tissues are at the middle of the Nutrition Pyramid hence care with external herbal preparations with internal herbal remedies and treatment are the core area of this program.

Mild stretches with body weight and supports are the Yoga style recommended. Chronic issues care are given good follow up with herbal and food advises.


A rejuvenation anti-aging program

“Ojas”, the essence of the body plays a vital role in the ageing factor of the tissues. Right care with food, relaxation, rejuvenating herbs and right manner of breathing pumps the free radicals out of the body in giving a lightness and radiance to the body. A good technique of meditation also helps in keeping the worrying and fragile mind in control.

Our special “Satvik” meal with a Life drink can revive back all the nutrients with energy of the soil hence feeling refreshed and young.


This program aims at Rejuvenation of whole body by means of External and Internal Ayurveda Treatments. External Treatments include Snehna with Medicated Herbal Oils and Swedana with Herbal Steam, Herbal Leaf Pouch Therapy and Rice Bundle Therapy. Internal procedures include Nasyam, Snehpana and Virechana. Nasyam is for cleansing of upper respiratory system and disinfecting sinuses. Snehpana is a procedure where internal herbal medicines are given for a specific period of time depending on Agni (Digestive Strength) of a person which accumulates toxins from whole body into one part of your Digestive System which are further taken out by means of Virechana (Purgation)

During this period special diets and regimens according to body Dosha will be advised by our Ayurveda Doctor.

This program is basically designed to increase your body immunity and to remove the metabolic waste and toxins which has been accumulated in your body since ages.

Program Includes:

Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor

Rejuvenation through External Treatments

Rejuvenation through Internal Treatments and Medications

Rejuvenation through Ayurvedic Diet

Rejuvenation through Yoga and Meditation

Rasayanam (Rejuvenation Program) Duration: 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 4 weeks


Wellness Escapes

A unique combination of vegan meals and life drinks, spa treatments, Yoga and Meditation sessions allow you to achieve your well-being targets in a very relaxing, luxury environment. 

Wellness Escape “VIGOR”

Purity in the body leads to the extra energy boost. Aided by the healing Yoga Asana and breathing technique and involving meditations along with benefits of Eating fresh and light forms the Detox of the Body, Mind and the Spirit.

Vigor programs are recommended for the ones seeking a mild range of CLEANSE for the lazy intestines, periodic pains and swellings, and lack of energy and spirit.

Daily dose of natural body scrub, body wrap, Massages or Herbal steam awaits to feel the goodness from deep within.


* 3 / 5 / 7 Nights accommodation 

* Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes

* Soul healing meditation practices

* Booster wheat grass shots with Triphala

* Daily spa massages and body treatments

* Access to herbal steam sauna

* Daily nourishing meals

Wellness Escape “VITALIZE”

Energy revamp with aim to be flexible, active and focused; needs nourishing in the right dose with precise bodily activities, increasing the lung quotient, oxygenating the blood, Eating and digesting light to keep the body active and immune.

Vitalize are for those undergoing lack of ENERGY, lack of concentrations, stiffness in muscles, accumulation of fluids in the body.

Deep activation of energy points with massages, nourishing warm wraps improve blood circulation with the herbal sauna.


* 3 / 5 / 7 Nights accommodation i

* Booster wheat grass shots

* Access to herbal steam sauna

* Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes

* Daily spa massages and body treatments

* Soul healing meditation practices

* Daily nourishing meals

Wellness Escape “RELAX”

Unwind the hidden energies within you with a break from the regular stress and strain with Vinyasa form of slow paced yoga and deep breathing pranayama to help the ever-thoughtful mind to calm.

Relax programs are recommended to those looking for that perfect wellness break to RELEASE the knots and tensions from the muscles, slow down the palpitations and feel the still state of the mind and soul as water.

Thai styled massages with Aroma oils and complimenting body treatments would leave a mesmerizing feel.


* 3 / 5 / 7 Nights accommodation 

* Daily yoga classes

* Deep breathing pranayama

* Soul healing meditation sessions

* Daily spa massages and body treatments

* Daily healthy meals

Wellness Escape “TONED”

Feel young and rid of the extra baggage with balanced yoga poses and energetic breathing to stretch the muscles and the skin to the fullest extent and help to feel fit self with help of the freshness from the light and wholesome diet.

Toned looks give that extra will and confidence to carry forward the body RID of excess adipose tissue and fluid from the body, improve blood circulation and improve nutritional pumping system.

Body scrubs helping to mobilize the fluid and fat followed by herbal steam help in flushing and elimination to feel lightness.


* 3 / 5 / 7 Nights accommodation 

* Meditation Sessions

* Varied styles of Yoga

* Daily Spa Massages and body treatments.

* Daily light breakfast, wholesome lunch and fresh dinner

* Booster Wheat grass shots with Triphala.



Adult Only Luxury Healing Hotel in Phuket

The resort is family owned and managed, adult-only and guarantees you peace and tranquility by not accepting any tour groups. With only 50 Villas, the resort is small enough to maintain a certain exclusivity and for the owners to meet all of your expectations.  

This boutique property features 50 villa rooms and a selection of facilities over an area of 25,000 square meters of lush tropical gardens.

Meals offer authentic Thai- and Western menus, and the pool and lounge bar offer fresh cocktails and the unique underground wine cellar which can host small parties for dinner. 

The large free form swimming pool is salt-water treated and the heart of the property. It is open 24 hours with water temperatures around 30 degrees. There is generous space for everybody and even with the resort fully booked, the pool area won’t feel crowded.



Villas with Balcony

Wake up with a view of the sunrise over Chalong Bay, looking at the sea towards Phi Phi Island, Bon Island, Coral Island and Cape Panwa, watching the dive boats leaving from Chalong Pier, is a rewarding and peaceful experience.

The tropical gardens are kept natural, cultured but not over-designed, attracting local animals such as geckos, birds, frogs and butterflies, also a result of environmentally friendly pest control systems.


High ceiling, villa style accommodation

Private terraces or balconies

Big rain showers and hand showers

Unique handmade sinks

Refrigerator, Mini bar with large selection of drinks (low minibar prices).

International Cable TV, 32″ or 40″ TVs, DVD players, DVDs available at reception (free)

WiFi Internet in the room (free), direct dial telephone

Large, comfortable double beds (twin beds on request)

Hair dryers, coffee and tea cookers, electronic safety boxes

 Large wardrobe with 12 hangers

 Separate sitting area

 Desk for laptop

Individual air-condition, quiet with precise temperature control near the bed

Designer furniture and custom made fixtures, all made in Phuket

Dimmable Lights for romantic atmosphere

Complimentary daily drinking water, slippers, bathrobes, torches, umbrellas


Authentic Healthy Dining

The chefs use only the best and healthiest ingredients available, combining great taste with freshness and health benefits. 

Natural Green Hydroponics Vegetables: Are purchased from one of the best local hydroponic and organic farms, which is the guarantee for best, healthy quality. 

Rice-Bran Cooking Oil: The ideal cooking oil for many Thai dishes.

Gourmet Olive Oil, Cold-Pressed: Using only best cold-pressed olive oil for all western cuisine, you will easily taste the difference.  Enjoy the healthy Mediterranean dishes, prepared with gourmet olive oil only.

Organic Brown Jasmin Rice & Riceberry: Try the AAA quality organic Rice and Riceberry. It is the very best quality available in Thailand.  


Ayurvedic Cuisine

Ayurvedic cuisine has been designed on detox meals that combine all six tastes, keeping in mind incompatible food combination which can alkalize the body, stimulate circulation, purify the blood and drain your lymphatic system, resulting in a lighter, energetic metabolism.

The aim is to supply your body & major metabloic organs with natural nutrients from organic vegetables & foods removing toxins, allowing body to focus on self healing, with the goal being to raise energy levels, stimulate digestive health, remove bloating, avoid allergies, regain our natural ability to ward off cold & flu, prevent premature aging and disease.

Our Ayurvedic cuisine has been designed keeping in mind the balance between six tastes. Ayurveda also encourages the use of herbs and aromatic spices, which are also considered medicinal substances. To create a balanced mix of all tastes our Ayurvedic cuisine is also infused with cleansing herbs & spices.




In addition to the activities that are already included in your program, there are plenty of daily sessions which can be booked on request. Join a Zumba Dance class, a Singing Bowl Meditation session “Miracle of Sound”, or any additional Yoga classes.  Other activities include:


Monday afternoon at the pool, “Sea Bees Diving”, one of Phuket’s best dive operators, located at Chalong Pier, are offering free diving lessons for everybody to try. Come and try yourself. Of course if you like to try it out in the sea, Sea Bees are also highly recommended. Explore the corals, the colorful fishes of the Andaman Sea.



 Thai food is famous around the World and with Asia shops mushrooming in almost every country and city worldwide, more and more people like to cook some of the tasteful and spicy dishes at home. Book a Thai Cooking Class with our Chef and learn by doing. 



The in-house artist “Rose” has prepared all the material and equipment for you to learn the easy way. Yes, you can! Produce your own Batik souvenir and take it home with you. It really is a beautiful technique and it is not difficult.


Contact us to plan this Wellness Vacation

Because there are so many options available, we highly recommend contacting us directly for trip planning.  We can customize your stay,  with a one-of-kind Thailand vacation. 

Package Inclusions

* Your choice of 3 / 5 / 7 / 14 Nights accommodation 

* Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes

* Soul healing meditation practices

* Booster wheat grass shots with Triphala

* Daily spa massages and body treatments

* Access to herbal steam sauna

* Daily nourishing meals

3 Night Stay from $798 pp



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